exhaustPeople are going to be looking for new cars soon.  I  know some people who only keep their cars for  a few years before getting another one.  I even have one friend who only keeps his car for one year before he sells it and buys a new one.  That seems insane to me because I don’t like to buy cars, but I guess since he’s really into it doing it like that works for that.  Now the thing that is strange to me though is why be has to buy them.  Doesn’t he know the saying that a new car loses 10% of its value the moment you drive it off the lot?

So I wonder how much money is is actually missing out on by selling them so soon.

But I don’t think he really cares about that because he gets so excited when he gets the new car that it’s like alright, let’s sell this other one.  Since I have known him he has gotten a new car every year.  He only has one parking spot so he has to sell the other one and he always comes home with his new car and then will want to go driving places so he can drive it.  That’s a cool thing to enjoy, and don’t get me wrong, I like cars, too, I just think it’s a bit bizarre to get a new one so often.  I asked him if he had considered looking for the best luxury car lease deals and just doing it that way rather than buying new one all the time that are just going to go down in value when he has to sell them.  At least if he were to lease one he would only be making small payments on it and then could give it back.  I guess he likes buying it, though, because he feels more comfortable doing it that way.  I don’t really know the terms of how he does everything, I just know that he’s going to get a new car and he’s going to be crazy about it and then he’ll do it again with another car.  But since he enjoys it, who am I to tell him he shouldn’t do it that way.  I actually enjoy seeing the cars he gets and since I live right next to him, I can park my car next to his.  My car isn’t as cool as his but I don’t care.  I park in the same spot.