horses-in-winter-1412950-mThis blog is pretty decent for writing down my ideas and as you can tell, I have shared much.  WHen my wife decided that she wanted to start something she asked if she could post something here and I said sure, probably because I knew she would want to, but this is what she liked:

My husband Mark’s 40th birthday is this year in June and I have something special planned for it. I am taking him to Ireland for a full week and I know he is going to be really excited about it. I almost broke down and told him this past weekend but I want to iron out all the details first. Right now I only have our flight booked. I’m not worried about him getting the time off with his job because he always takes off for his birthday and has plenty of vacation time to use. He’s been with his company for over 10 years and is pretty much maxed out with his vacation time. I think he gets 4 weeks plus a couple personal days but I could be wrong.

The other main thing I need to book is the hotel of course. There’s a lot of them to choose from so it is a bit overwhelming. I should also say he has some distant relatives that live over there and we’re most definitely going to be seeing them too. I’ll have to let him take care of those details after I tell him. One thing I want to do while we’re there is go venturing some. Ireland horseback riding is supposed to be fun and being a horse lover and all I want to experience that. I need to look up more information on tours and availability for those. Mark isn’t much of an equine fan but he will go with me as it will be the one thing I want to do while I’m there.

This will be the first time we have traveled outside the country in a long time. For our 5 year wedding anniversary we took a cruise to the Bahamas and that was 13 years ago. It sure doesn’t seem that long ago but as the old saying goes time flies when you are having fun I guess. I am sort of not looking forward to being in an airplane for that long but I will hopefully sleep a good part of the trip. Mark on the other hand can’t sleep anywhere but in a bed and in a dark room.  I always feel bad for him in that regard but maybe he can get a sleeping aid from our Doctor or something.

It should be a fun time and I hope he is taking notes for when I turn the big 4-0 in 2 years.