Recently I have been having some trouble with my car and I think that I should probably see if I can get any details online about what might be wrong. The problem is, I am not really very intelligent when it comes to cars. I really just talk to someone I know about it. My car is good, though. I like driving it. And when I have problems with it I will talk to someone who knows about this. This is the first car I have had that I bought myself and so I am pretty happy with the way it has been working. I need to call a BMW repair shop and see if they might know what is going on. I just want to take it to someone who knows about cars. The other thing I have been meaning to do is get rid of some of the artwork that I have. It’s not that I don’t like it it’s just that I have so much that I could probably do something with it and I don’t really have a preference from selling it versus displaying it so I will have to see what I want. The only thing I want to do is get it somewhere else because it is in my closet now and it is using up so much of the area that I could probably put it somewhere better.

My house is great though and I have a lot of locations to hang stuff. I mean like I”m not really artistic myself but I really do enjoy having it on hangers and stuff so that when I have friends over we have something to talk about. Most of my friends don’t know much about it either but you know who it is when you’re just trying to come up with things for exciting discussion. That’s what we do, though, because I will have gatherings and invite everyone over and it’s like alright, what do you do, and no one knows, so we basically just hang out there and talk. And it’s awesome. Everyone else needs to do all these things to have fun but I really think that just being with my associates is cool. Even some of the people who I know from school are still in touch with me and they’re awesome because why else would you keep talking to people like that. So I think that I’m going to go get some stuff fixed and then I”m going to put these things somewhere and let people decide what they would prefer.