cddvd-case-2-1172355-mThinking about how much I watch TV it’s kind of silly that I still use the same company that I Have always used because I don’t really agree with a lot of what they do. You probably know who they are, it’s the same business that everyone uses. I have been looking for alternatives and aside from some of the options like the thing some people do where they just buy all the shows they watch, there really haven’t been numerous. SO I was looking at ATT Uverse and I think it might be something else I can do. I was going to see if there were any prices I could get, too, since I know they might be doing something. But really the only thing I have been trying to do is locate coupon code att that might apply. So if this works and there aren’t any problems that would be awesome assuming they are giving me the same things I get that I want. I need to be able to get access to everything that I want especially considering that there are a substantial numbers of shows that I watch. Looking at these options it may be something that is doable but I’ll have to learn more about it first. The options for television and stuff are so strange that I don’t really like reading about it. It’s just like there are only a few and you can’t really do much because you are basically given a few selection and you have to go with one of them. No thanks.

So that is why I am glad that there are other management style that are providing some other subscription setups for viewers. Having those available makes it better for people who aren’t happy wit h what they are using, but of course you are still stuck to what is available. But it’s just the thing that you might not like something and want to get away from it and then when you see that there are more choices it becomes something that makes you like what you can do.

There are a few shows I mentioned already that I watch but really I like to go through and see what is on because I never know what I want to view and by doing that I am able to find something that might work. It’s not really that I sit there and watch them all but I like having the TV on when I am doing other stuff and then you might actually start watching a series that way. That is how I found a few of the things I watch and it’s definitely something that I was thinking about when I was deciding which channels to manage. Mostly though I just want something other than what is currently provided.