It has been a week since my new flatmate Nick has moved in. I was a touch nervous about how things were going to be but it has been smooth sailing so far. We have been friends for a couple of years but it is one thing to be friends and another to be sharing the same living space with one another. The one nice thing is our work schedules are a lot different so during the week at least we aren’t on top of one another. I work a traditional schedule while he is on the night shift. The one minor issue with that is he gets home in the morning for about an hour before I leave and goes right to bed so I have to be quiet which isn’t that big of a deal. I usually listen to music on my phone with my earbuds in anyways.

Tomorrow we are going out to get a few things for the flat. We have a little patio out back that is in desperate need of some nice metal garden furniture. The site I’m planning to order from is a place in United Kingdom you can see if you click here however be advised you might want to buy something. Since that was my idea I’m going to be footing the bill for it. He will sit out there probably just as much as I will but since we don’t plan on living together forever I’m going to pay for it so there’s no dispute over it when one or both of us move. I’ve been shopping around online and know what I want so hopefully I can find it. My Mum has a nice set of metal garden furniture which gave me the idea to get a set for myself. I’ll have to have her over to see mine sometime.

Nick also wants to buy some new kitchenware which he will be paying for. I’m not much of a cook myself. I tend to eat out a lot or get something to go on my way home from work. I just never got into cooking and doubt I ever will. I don’t even really know what he wants but I would assume more pots and pans for starters. He used to moonlight as a sous chef at his Uncle’s restaurant so he knows what he is doing. I told him I’d help pay for ingredients from time to time if he wanted to cook us dinner. You can’t beat a home cooked meal if somebody else is doing the cooking.