oslo-in-the-winter-1436008-5-mI am thinking about getting a hotel gift card for my brother because he likes to travel and he is always going all over the place and sending me pictures on my phone that he has taken of the different places he’s been.  I think that I would like to do that, too, but I am busy with other stuff and can’t travel that much now.  So anyway, I was going to get him a gift card from a place like this and see if that would be helpful to him.  I know that he spends a lot of time trying to plan out where to go on his trips and I think that a gift certificate like that would make his planning a bit easier because he wouldn’t have to worry about the hotel.  Of course, I will expect some cool stories from his trip or a t-shirt or something if I do that!  I’m actually just kidding, he doesn’t have to get me anything.  For real, though, he has been to a lot of places, although he mostly goes to places up north because he seems to like it up there and I have no idea why because that’ snot where I would want to go necessarily but I’m not going to tell him where he can and can’t go.  Now, the other thing that my brother does is he will always visit the different museums wherever he goes and he will also try to talk to locals just to see what they are like.  I think he’s trying to find out where the friendliest people are or something.  Now I can agree with some of that because I enjoy meeting people from other places, too, but I don’t know if you can necessarily do that when you are traveling like that.

My brother seems to be able to do everything he needs to do from a computer so he just has to make sure that the hotels he stays at have a business center so he can hop online and do all his stuff and then get back to traveling.  I think he is gone more than he is home!  Actually, I don’t know for sure but that’s just judging from his Facebook page where he’s always posting things about where is is or where he is going.  So I think that I’m going to get him that and see if that can help him out and if so then maybe I might want to get one for myself so that when I decide to go somewhere I will already have the gift card ready.  The only thing I would need to do is get a suitcase because somehow I have managed without a suitcase for all the things I have done and I really must not ever travel now that I think about it.