Sometimes people know what they should do, but they don’t do it because of fear or social pressure.  Maybe you’ve in a toxic friendship and you know you shouldn’t talk to that person anymore, but you’d feel like a bad person for just leaving someone who has problems.  Maybe you put up with more than you should for the sake of being a nice person.  Maybe you’re in a bad relationship and know you should leave but just can’t for whatever reason.

Sometimes you have to have the courage of a wolf to do what you know is right even if it’s a hard decision.

It can seem arcane to other people; they might not understand.  Or, they may recognize what you’ve done and think “wow, I hope I could be so strong in that situation!”

None of this is to suggest that you should be mean, just that you should establish boundaries for how you want to be treated.

Hopefully you will find the writing here helpful.