slopesKeeping up with some of the ideas I have can be a bit of a procedure. While talking to my friends we will come up with these things that we want to do and then someone will be like oh yeah, and then it could be like this.

But that’s really just how it is when people get together and start discussing the things they would like to do. Essentially, a few of us have been talking about going somewhere.

It’s about picking the destination.

So we are thinking about going to visit some historic locations in a city near us. I mean, that’s something that sounds fun. The other idea we had was to go to Denver and check out some of the hills there. I’m talking about skiing. This guy I know said that he went to Breckenridge and it was incredible so he wants to bring us with him. So that’s something that we have been detailing. There is a Denver to Breckenridge transportation company he was talking about that I guess can take us there. So then if we have everything that we need I think that it would be ready to go. I have wanted to go skiing and this sounds like it might be what I am looking for so of course I need to learn more about it but seriously I think that is supposed to have some of the wildest courses of anywhere so it seems like a great place to go. And while I am thinking about it I should get some of the things I might need, because I want to be ready to do additional things that they have there. Mostly though I just want to be out there and seeing what it’s like because everything I have read suggests that it should be something I like. And that is why that is the thing that I am going to be selecting if I get t pick. No way though am I going to let this become one of those things that you think about doing and then decide nt to for whatever reason, so my friends and I are going to have this trip and it’s going to be awesome. I’m saying. Right for me I believe this trip is. It’s basically what I have been wanting to do and it will be a good place for me to do some skiing where I want.