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More Memory

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old-disk-adIt’s amazing how much the price of computers have come down.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I am absolutely NOT complaining.  Depending on how old you are, you may remember things like the ad to the left.

$2,495.00 for a 15 meg hard disk?  I’ll take two!

On that note, it’s also amazing now that I have .mp3s that are bigger than that entire hard drive!

I remember a few years ago when I first started looking for an external hard drive (mostly just to back up my main hard drive but also to store my media files on), they were like $200 for 100 gigs.  Now at the time I thought that was awesome, because the hard drive that came on my computer was only like 80gb.  So not only did I have room to back up everything, but I also had some extra storage space left over.  So I remember buying one of those, and thought it was a good deal.

A few years later I bought a 500gb hard drive for like $150 on sale.  By this point I had a new computer with a 300gb hard drive so I was still able to back up everything without any problem.

I’ve also noticed that, since the early 2000s or so, the prices of computers have stayed more or less constant.  You can go to a big box retailer and reasonably expect to pay between $500 and $1,200 or so to get a decent computer.  It won’t be a super awesome gaming rig with tons of video memory and 2 monitors, but it will be enough for most people.  This is in stark contrast to the 80s and 90s when computers were $2,000 or more.

I also love how everything is getting smaller.  Do you remember laptops from the mid 90s?  They were thick and had small screens with laggy response time.  Of course, you were cool if you had one, but today they’re much thinner and have bigger screens.

But perhaps the coolest thing is that you don’t even need physical media to store your data anymore.  You can just copy all your files to the cloud and access them from wherever you want.  And it’s like $8 a month for 75gb of storage, or about $9 for 250gb (according to this Justcloud review).  I think I can see this being a feasible market if you’re the kind of person who travels a lot and doesn’t want to bring external storage media with you on your trips.  All you’d really need is a laptop, or really just a computer somewhere and you can log in and get what you need.

I wonder if at some point in the future, all hard drive storage will be online.


Everyone Else Is Not More Exciting Than You

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snowboardHave you ever noticed that there is a lot of pressure to be a certain way?  Look at commercials on TV; what do you see?  Beautiful people doing exciting stuff.  It’s designed to make you feel insecure.  Are you beautiful?  Better buy whatever product they’re selling to make yourself desirable.  Are you doing something exciting?  No?  Then you’re left out, because that’s what all these cool people are doing.

They say the best consumer is someone who is insecure with lots of money to spend.

It’s probably true.

I’m saying, have the courage to do what you want rather than what advertisers think you should do.

Most people get into a habit of highs followed by lows.  They start to feel insecure and then they think “If I buy a new car, I’ll be happy!”  So they buy a new car and they feel awesome, but that feeling only lasts for a few months, and suddenly they’re feeling insecure again.  They decide they need to buy something else.  New clothes.  New headphones.  A new TV.  They think stuff will make them happy.  After all, all the people in the ads have cool stuff, and they sure seem happy.

And that’s exactly what the advertisers want you to think, because it gets you to keep spending money.

Stuff can bring you joy, but only if you’re a happy person to begin with.  You need to switch your mind over to seeing consumerism for what it really is.  See if you can step outside the matrix, so to speak.  Do you see a bunch of people buying a bunch of stuff to try and find happiness?  They don’t really want the stuff; they’re looking for happiness.

People also buy things because they want to give off a certain appearance.  If your neighbor gets a new BMW and you’re driving a 10 year old Honda, would that bother you?  A lot of people would answer “yes” to that question.  Would buying a new car make them happy?  They think it would, but it wouldn’t after the initial excitement goes away.

What if the person with the 10 year old Honda was happy with their life, though?  Do you think they would care if their neighbor gets a new BMW?  Of course not.  In fact, they’d probably even prefer not to spend the money.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy a new car if you want a new car, it just means you shouldn’t buy a new car (or anything) thinking it will make you happy.

Do you want to exercise and get in shape?  Go to the gym.  Go because you like the way it makes you feel, not because you feel like you’re “not good enough” if you don’t.

Do you want to lose weight?  Diet and exercise and try green coffee bean extract if you want.  Do it because you want to be healthier, not because you think you have to.

Do you want a new car?  Buy a car that you can afford that you like.  Don’t buy it to impress your neighbors or feel good about yourself.

Disconnect yourself from the consumerism mindset and try to find what makes you happy in other ways instead.