804782_regalIt’s Valentine’s Day!  I didn’t buy lots of candy and flowers like everyone else, but instead I went shopping for car insurance rates for myself.  Why?  Two reasons:

Reason one: this is the year of saving money, and I know I was paying too much with my old company.  I read an article not too long ago that kind of changed the way I thought about money.  The point of the article was basically that saving money is the same as making more money.  Most people wish they made more money, but the reason is so they can buy more stuff, not so they can save more.  But even if your income stays constant, if you find ways to save more your bottom line still increases by the same amount as if you made more (and didn’t spend it).  So, since I don’t see myself getting a raise anytime soon, I’m looking for ways to save more and reduce the amount of money I already spend.  One way was by getting cheaper car insurance.  I also probably go out a bit too frequently.  I could save $20-50/night by staying in.  I’m also going to try to buy more stuff on sale this year, like clothes.  Stores always have great end of season sales so I’m going to try to get some sweaters and stuff on sale and just wait and wear them next autumn.  It’s not like I’m the most fashion forward person in the world and can only wear the absolute latest stuff.  Trends don’t change that much in only one year.

Reason two: because Valentine’s is a commercial holiday and I don’t think I should have to spend a lot of money on a bunch of gifts for a woman just to prove that I love her.  I can already hear the collective groan of all the “nice guys” who are reading this.  Look, when I’m really into someone, I pretty much already spend most of my time with her, anyway.  She knows I love her just like I know she loves me.  Besides, if I want to do something nice for a woman I’m seeing (and I do from time to time), isn’t it better if I do it because I want to do it rather than because some holiday says I’m supposed to do it?  Fortunately, I don’t date women who get all crazy about Valentine’s Day, anyway.  There’s not much worse than a woman who, after you give her a dozen roses and take her out to dinner, complains that the roses weren’t long stem, or the restaurant wasn’t where she really wanted to go, etc.  Ungrateful much?  There are plenty of other guys out there who would be happy to take them to a $100 per person dinner at a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day, so they can go date those guys if that’s what they want.  It must be stressful to feel like you have to prove how much you love your girlfriend or wife by spending a lot of money on her.

Plus, let’s not forget that those places are always super crowded, anyway.

And crowded places usually aren’t much fun.